Corporate Services

Sara E. Designs provide interior design services for the renovation of office space, both small and large.  A digital version of the base building may be supplied by the property manager or I can do a site measure of the space to create a fresh AutoCAD plan. Design work will be performed either at an hourly rate or based on a mutually agreed upon contract.

Working with the client, I will formalize requirements and develop conceptual drawings of the space. For larger jobs, interviews with department heads may be required. Once we have an approved design concept more formalized working drawings will be completed. Depending on the job, some or all of the following drawings may be needed to initiate contractor quotations or building permits. Below are some of the steps that are generally included in a design.

Furniture Plan – using an inventory of existing furniture or based on new furniture specifications.

Partition Plan – Details extent of new construction, demolition of existing structures, detailed notes and specifications for contractor, door and hardware schedules. All working drawings would include detailed notes, specifications and legends as required.

Power & Communication Plan – showing electrical and data outlet location and specification.

Reflected Ceiling Plan – Documents the lighting layout, switch locations etc. This drawing shows ceiling fixtures and ceiling construction. The location of existing sprinkler heads, HVAC diffusers and air returns can also be noted.

Finishes Plan – Wall and floor finishes may be shown on the same drawing or separate drawings depending on the amount of detail required. Here is part of a Wall Finishes Plan and corresponding legend.

Here is a Detail Plan drawing that describes the reception area of the building.

floorplan    floorplan

Here are some pictures of Wahl Canada, before and after:

Reception Before

   Reception After

Boardroom Before

   Boardroom After

For many more photos and drawings of projects both residential and corporate, please see the Photo Gallery.

Sally Chamney - Interior Designer